Iced Wedding  Cakes

Iced Wedding Cakes by Tilly Eats Cake

Iced Wedding Cakes

A traditional white wedding cake is the ultimate finishing touch to any big day. Many couples choose a classic tiered wedding cake that has a fruit base and is finished with white icing. However, it is becoming increasingly popular to mix and match the flavours within the tiers of the cake to satisfy the different tastes of guests and often the bride and groom themselves.

A traditional wedding cake is both elegant and beautiful and the cutting of the cake is usually seen as an expected item on the wedding breakfast agenda or reception. We hope to make every one of our wedding cakes a special part of your big day.

Traditionally a wedding cake would have been made with tiers of fruit cake, wrapped in marzipan and covered in a layer of smooth royal icing. Pillars would have been used to separate the tiers. Fashions have changed and it is much more likely that the bride and groom of today will have a combination of our delicious flavours in their traditional wedding cake tiers. Perhaps rich dark chocolate cake on the bottom, a moist carrot cake on the second tier topped with a traditional fruit cake to be saved for the first christening cake. Any combination is possible so please just ask.

Handcrafted Sugar Flowers

In terms of decoration, we specialise in making the most amazing handcrafted sugar flowers which can be used to embellish your traditional wedding cake. Perhaps you want to continue the theme of your flowers into your cake decoration with some stunning sugar roses, peonies or a spray to match your wedding flowers. We can make pretty much any flower in sugar so please just ask.

With so many techniques available every cake is bespoke to your requirements. I specialise in edible hand-painted cakes and stencils.

Anything is possible with regard to our traditional wedding cakes so please get in touch with us and share your ideas.